Perl Distributions

Name Abstract Version Test
Acme-Alien-DontPanic Test Module for Alien::Base 0.025 PASS
Acme-Ford-Prefect Part of the test framework for Alien::Base 0.025 FAIL
Acme-Ford-Prefect-FFI FFI test for Alien::Base 0.22 FAIL
Alien-Base A base class for Alien:: modules 0.022 PASS
Alien-Editline Build and make available Editline (libedit) 0.04 FAIL
Alien-FFI Build and make available libffi 0.12 FAIL
Alien-Hunspell Install hunspell 0.02 FAIL
Alien-LibYAML Build and install libyaml, a C-based YAML parser and emitter v0.1.7 FAIL
Alien-Libarchive Build and make available libarchive 0.26 FAIL
Alien-Libarchive-Installer Installer for libarchive 0.12 PASS
Alien-Libbz2 Build and make available bz2 0.02 FAIL
Alien-MSYS Tools required for GNU style configure scripts on Windows 0.07 PASS
Alien-Packages-Cygwin Get information from Cygwin's packages via cygcheck 0.03 FAIL
Alien-bison Find or build bison, the parser generator 0.11 FAIL
Alien-bz2 Build and make available bz2 0.17 FAIL
Alien-bz2-Installer Installer for bz2 0.05 PASS
Alien-flex Find or build flex 0.04 FAIL
Alien-gmake Find or build GNU Make 0.10 PASS
Alien-m4 Find or build m4 0.06 FAIL
Alien-nasm Find or build nasm, the netwide assembler 0.08 FAIL
Alien-o2dll Make dynamic link library on Windows (Deprecated) 0.04 FAIL
Alien-patch Find or build patch 0.06 PASS
Alt-Alien-FFI-System Simplified alternative to Alien::FFI that uses system libffi 0.12 FAIL
AnyEvent-FTP Simple asynchronous FTP client and server 0.09 FAIL
AnyEvent-Finger Simple asynchronous finger client and server 0.10 PASS
AnyEvent-Git-Wrapper Wrap git command-line interface without blocking 0.07 FAIL
AnyEvent-Ident Simple asynchronous ident client and server 0.07 PASS
AnyEvent-Open3-Simple Interface to open3 under AnyEvent 0.84 PASS
AnyEvent-WebSocket-Client WebSocket client for AnyEvent 0.30 PASS
App-RegexFileUtils use regexes with file utils like rm, cp, mv, ln 0.06 PASS
App-TrafficCone Web server that just returns 503 Service unavailable 0.03 PASS
App-cpangitify Convert cpan distribution from BackPAN to a git repository 0.12 FAIL
App-palien Command line interface to Alien::Base 0.02 PASS
App-pwhich Perl-only `which` 1.14 PASS
App-spaceless Convert PATH type environment variables to spaceless versions 0.06 FAIL
App-which_package Determine which package installed a file 0.05 PASS
App-xd hex dump 0.02 PASS
Archive-Ar-Libarchive Interface for manipulating ar archives with libarchive 2.05 FAIL
Archive-Libarchive-Any Perl bindings to libarchive 0.0801 PASS
Archive-Libarchive-FFI Perl bindings to libarchive via FFI 0.0802 FAIL
Archive-Libarchive-XS Perl bindings to libarchive via XS 0.0800 PASS
Authen-Simple-PlugAuth Simple PlugAuth authentication 0.01 PASS
Clustericious A framework for RESTful processing systems. 1.00 FAIL
Clustericious-Admin Simple parallel ssh client. 0.25 PASS
Cygwin-ConvertPathList Convert path lists from POSIX ($PATH) to Windows (%PATH%) and back 0.01 FAIL
Cygwin-PackageDB Fetch and query the Cygwin Setup Package Database 0.03 PASS
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-CSS-Compressor Compress CSS files 0.02 PASS
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-InsertExample Insert example into your POD from a file 0.04 PASS
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-JavaScript-Minifier Minify JavaScript in your dist. 0.02 PASS
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-MathInt64 Include the Math::Int64 C client API in your distribution 0.08 PASS
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-OurPkgVersion no line insertion and does Package version with our 0.06 PASS
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Template-Tiny process template files in your dist using Template::Tiny 0.04 PASS
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Template-Toolkit process template files in your dist using Template Toolkit 0.01 PASS
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-Version release Test::Version tests 1.05 PASS
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-TextTabs Expand or unexpand tabs in your dist 0.03 PASS
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-jQuery Include jQuery in your distribution 0.03 PASS
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-Plicease Dist::Zilla plugin bundle used by Plicease 1.84 PASS
FFI Perl Foreign Function Interface based on GNU ffcall 1.09 FAIL
FFI-CheckLib Check that a library is available for FFI 0.12 PASS
FFI-ExtractSymbols Extract symbol names from a shared object or DLL 0.03 FAIL
FFI-Platypus Write Perl bindings to non-Perl libraries with FFI. No XS required. 0.39 FAIL
FFI-Platypus-Lang-CPP Documentation and tools for using Platypus with the C++ programming language 0.04 FAIL
FFI-Platypus-Lang-CPP-Demangle-XS Demangle C++ symbols using the C++ ABI API 0.02 FAIL
FFI-Platypus-Lang-Fortran Documentation and tools for using Platypus with Fortran 0.07 FAIL
FFI-Platypus-Lang-Pascal Documentation and tools for using Platypus with the Free Pascal programming language 0.05 FAIL
FFI-Platypus-Lang-Rust Documentation and tools for using Platypus with the Rust programming language 0.02 FAIL
FFI-Platypus-Type-StringArray Platypus custom type for arrays of strings 0.01 FAIL
FFI-TinyCC Tiny C Compiler for FFI 0.22 FAIL
FFI-Util Some useful pointer utilities when writing FFI modules (Deprecated) 0.16 FAIL
File-LibMagic-FFI Determine MIME types of data or files using libmagic 0.04 FAIL
File-Listing-Ftpcopy parse directory listing using ftpparse from ftpcopy 0.07 PASS
File-Which Perl implementation of the which utility as an API 1.19 PASS
Lingua-Alphabet-Phonetic-LAPD map ABC's to the LAPD phonetic letter names 0.02 PASS
Log-Log4perl-Appender-TAP Append to TAP output 0.02 PASS
Mojolicious-Plugin-Ident Mojolicious plugin to interact with a remote ident service 0.31 FAIL
Mojolicious-Plugin-TtRenderer Template Renderer Plugin for Mojolicious 1.56 FAIL
NX-Lock OO Lock interface 0.01 PASS
Photography-DX Encode/decode DX film codes 0.01 FAIL
Photography-EV Calculate exposure value (EV) 0.06 FAIL
PkgConfig Pure-Perl Core-Only replacement for pkg-config 0.09026 PASS
PlugAuth Pluggable authentication and authorization server. 0.30 FAIL
PlugAuth-Client-Tiny Minimal PlugAuth client 0.01 PASS
PlugAuth-Plugin-AuthenSimple AuthenSimple plugin for PlugAuth 0.01 PASS
PlugAuth-Plugin-DBIAuth DBI Authentication back end for PlugAuth 0.04 PASS
PlugAuth-Plugin-Finger Add a finger protocol interface to your PlugAuth server 0.01 PASS
PlugAuth-Plugin-LDAP LDAP back end for PlugAuth 0.06 PASS
Shell-Config-Generate Portably generate config for any shell 0.24 PASS
Shell-Guess Make an educated guess about the shell in use 0.06 PASS
String-Template Fills in string templates from hash of fields 0.18 PASS
Task-BeLike-Plicease Modules Plicease Uses. 1.32 FAIL
Term-EditLine Perl interface to the NetBSD editline library 0.07 FAIL
Test-CChecker Test-time utilities for checking C headers, libraries, or OS features 0.06 PASS
Test-Clustericious-Cluster Test an imaginary beowulf cluster of Clustericious services 0.21 FAIL
Test-Fixme Check code for FIXMEs. 0.15 PASS
Test-Script Basic cross-platform tests for scripts 1.10 PASS
Test-Version Check to see that version's in modules are sane 2.03 PASS
URI-ws WebSocket support for URI package 0.03 PASS
UUID-FFI Universally Unique Identifiers FFI style 0.05 FAIL
WWW-Bugzilla-BugTree Fetch a tree of bugzilla bugs blocking a bug 0.05 PASS
WebService-LiveJournal Interface to the LiveJournal API 0.07 PASS
Win32-ErrorMode Set and retrieves the error mode for the current process. 0.04 FAIL
Win32-Getppid Implementation of getppid() for windows 0.02 PASS
Win32-Process-Info Get information on arbitrary processes in Windows NT 1.022 PASS
Win32-Shortcut-Readlink Make readlink work with shortcuts 0.02 PASS
Win32API-ProcessStatus Perl extension for obtaining information about processes using the plain Win32 PSAPI 0.05 FAIL
Yars Yet Another RESTful-Archive Service 1.09 FAIL

total distributions: 106